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Welcome: Security Risk Management – Analyze and Manage Security Risk

Receive innovative, value-added and effective risk management services from Security Risk, Inc. We are dedicated to helping customers effectively address security and related risk challenges. We will work with you to develop best return-on-investment strategies to meet your needs.

We are committed to deliver excellence in everything we do. Feel confident that you will receive exceptional services by choosing Security Risk, Inc.

We will tailor our risk analysis and management approach to meet your needs. We can support large organizations facing a wide range of threats to a single critical infrastructure facility or infrastructure project. We can provide a second opinion or provide a follow-up to provide your organization with confidence in your security-related risk mitigation plans.

We will help you quantify risk and risk management strategies.  We want you to be able to make risk management decisions based on a sound analysis of risk and of the effectiveness and cost of risk management strategies.

Our risk management method and approach is consistent with ISO 31000: Risk management — Principles and guidelines.


Mr. Randy Rhodes and a USCG Assessor on a security risk assessment of an Oil Cargo Vessel

Our mission is to help customers:

  • Understand and develop a successful risk-based security risk management approach
  • Understand and document current security risk
  • Identify and weigh threats, consequences, vulnerabilities and relative risk
  • Develop and prioritize best return-on-investment risk mitigation strategies
  • Review and modify current security plans

Our Services

Jeff Fuller with ABS and USCG Sector colleagues at a risk analysis planning workshop

Our Services include:


Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis-Risk Management

Security Risk Assessment

Security Program Support

Security Risk Program Development

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Online Consultation

We will be pleased to discuss your security challenges and readiness to address them.