Security Risk, Inc. will help you and your organization quantify risk, and deliver essential risk management strategies. Our team makes risk management decisions based on a sound analysis of risk and of the effectiveness and cost of risk management strategies.

We tailor our risk analysis and management approach you to — supporting large organizations facing a wide range of threats to a single critical infrastructure facility or infrastructure project. Security Risk provides an important second opinion, or critical follow-up to give your organization confidence in your security-related risk mitigation plans.

Our risk management method and approach is consistent with ISO 31000: Risk management — Principles and Guidelines.


Jeff Fuller, PresidentSecurity Risk, Inc. brings years of experience in Special Operations and in applying risk analysis, assessment and management solutions for the US Government.

Our President, Jeff Fuller, was recognized with the USCG 2007 Innovation Award for his contributions to the USCG Maritime Security Risk Analysis Model. As a consultant, Mr. Fuller supported U.S. Special Operations Command, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Defense, and USCG in a wide range of operations, combating terrorism, security assessment, risk analysis and risk management projects. He was recognized for his service as the lead of the USS COLE Commission research support team.

Jeff Fuller is a former Army Special Forces Officer whose highest award was the Silver Star. Recently, he was awarded the U.S. Army Military Freefall Instructor Badge for contributions to military free-fall operations.


DecaderVulnerability Assessments that are not linked to a threat profile and do not consider consequences (and return-on-investment) are not cost-effective.  Our approach considers threat, vulnerabilities, and consequences in estimating risk.

We take pride in the partners we have established to expand our capacity to serve client needs. We will not undertake a project that does not have a good chance of contributing to effective risk mitigation.

See the assessment tab for some indicators of your readiness to mange security risk and suggestions on the type of project that may be applicable.

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