Countering Terrorist Threats against Transportation Networks

This is an article by Dr. Richard Adler and Jeff Fuller that outlines a risk management approach to address terrorism threats to transportation systems.  This was published by the Journal of Strategic Security in 2009.  This article discusses how to employ a simulation application (in this case Decision Path’s very flexible ForeTell Model) to model the the critical nodes in the transportation network in terms of risk and risk mitigation strategies.  Abstract:

This article presents a dynamic decision support methodology for counter-terrorism decision support.
The initial sections introduce basic objectives and challenges of terrorism risk analysis and risk
management. The remainder of the paper describes TRANSEC, a decision support framework for
defining, validating, and monitoring strategies focused on managing terrorism risks to international
transportation networks. The methodology and software tools underlying TRANSEC are applicable to
other homeland security problems, such as critical infrastructure and border protection.

Decision Support for Countering Terrorist Threats against Transportation Networks, JSS V2 No 3, Article 5

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