Insurance Industry Prepares for a New Terrorist Threat and Changes in US Counterterrorism Policy

August 2014

Western Citizen operators and leaders in Islamic State
Western citizens in the Islamic State pose a significant increase in terrorism threat to the U.S. (Photo credit: New York Daily News)

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In July, I participated in a terrorism threat analysis workshop hosted by the AIR Worldwide Terrorism Model Team.  AIR Worldwide assembled a team of experts to update the terrorism threat database.  This model provides the threat scenarios that are applied to assess risk exposure for AIR Worldwide property and workers’ compensation insurance customers.

We all know that insurance plays an important part in our personal and business lives.  The AIR Terrorism Model is widely used and has become more important as The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act is being debated in Congress.  I hope this provides insight into this important aspect of terrorism risk mitigation.


Jeff Fuller

SRI Newsletter 4 – Insurance and Terrorism Risk Management – 26 August 2014

Thanks for review and comment by:

  • Joshua Sinai, PhD, Security Risk, Inc. Senior Threat Mitigation Analyst
  • Mr. Jack Seaquist, AIR Worldwide Terrorism Model Manager
  • Ms. Alissa Legenza,  AIR Worldwide, Risk Analyst

For additional information on the AIR Terrorism Model, download this file: AIR_Terrorism_Model_Brochure (1)

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