SRIOur goal is to help clients understand and manage security-related risks.

We recommend a collaborative approach to risk management.  The aim is to address terrorism, criminal activity, and insiders. This includes threat and risk analysis followed by risk management steps.


Analyze and Manage Risk ServicesStep 1 : Threat Analysis

First we recommend a threat analysis. We will help you understand and prioritize threats.

Step 2 : Risk Analysis

The next step is to consider the consequences and vulnerabilities of these threats.

STEP 3 : Risk Management

The last step is to consider risk mitigation strategies that either reduce vulnerabilities, consequences or both. We will help you develop and rank risk mitigation strategies based on return-on-investment.


We use a number of different processes and tools to support our risk analysis and risk management efforts. These differ in scope and complexity but all employ the concept:

Risk = Threat x Consequences x Vulnerabilities (R=TxCxV).

In order to reduce costs we will use online collaborative tools.

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