SRI - groupWe have established a range of risk management partners.  We work with companies and consultants who have a track record of excellence and who understand and apply the risk management approach we use.

ABS Consulting — ABS provides a wide range of safety and security risk analysis services for the US Government and for Industry. The part of the Company that we work with is led by Mr. Matthew Mowrer, Director of ABS Homeland Security Risk Management Technologies and Mr. Phil Howard, USCG MSRAM Program Manager.

Resilient Corporation — Provides multidisciplinary resilience analysis for 2500 largest companies worldwide and other entities including political jurisdictions by applying a proprietary approach that leverages multiple open source databases.  Mr. Mark Gembicki is Resilient Corporation CEO & Chief Architect.

DecisionPath — The company provides custom “what-if” simulation solutions that help organizations improve complex decisions by taking them for a virtual  “test drive”. DecisionPath works with SRI and ABS to help agencies such as the Coast Guard and TSA develop, validate and refine high ROI security strategies to counter risks from terrorist attacks.  Decision Path’s President, Dr. Richard Adler has published widely on dynamic risk management, cyber security, and change management.

Development Transformations — Development Transformations (DT) supports the transition from conflict to sustainable peace, enhances host nation capacity to provide stable and effective governance, and strengthens local community-based organizations. DT provides clients with: strategy development, training, exercise support, interagency support, field mentoring, stabilization training, monitoring & evaluation. Our contact at DT is Mr. Sloan Mann, Managing Director.

Threat Mitigation and Analysis Service, LLC — Provides private intelligence collection, counterintelligence, force protection, counter terrorism analysis and threat mitigation.

Special Operations and Other Consultants — We have a bench with a number of former USN SEALS, USA Special Forces, Air Force Special Operations, and USCG and intelligence, technical risk, blast effects and toxic hazard consultants who are experienced in the risk analysis and assessment methods and processes we employ. Our consultant partners include:

  • Randy Rhodes — Mr. Rhodes is a former US Navy Seal. He has planned and executed numerous operations to include leading troops in the field during combat operations. He has provided terrorist/counterterrorist expertise to the USCG Security Assessment Team that has conducted over seventy port, nuclear and LNG facility assessment, four regional chemical assessment, three high-risk facility assessments, and overseas assessments of critical energy infrastructure. He has personally conducted field assessment in each of these areas and acted as the headquarter’s terrorist operations director, reviewing and directing other teams in the preparation and conduct of their assessment as well as preparing their assessment reports. He was instrumental in developing the assessment methodology currently employed by USCG assessment teams.
  • Keith Carl — Mr. Carl is a former US Navy Seal. He has planned and executed numerous contingency operations to include leading troops in the field during combat operations. He planned, organized and led multiple Vulnerability Assessments and Security Exercises of major U.S. ports. He participated in the Department of Homeland Security Comprehensive Review (CR) of 12 U.S. nuclear power plants and two Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities.