SRI ServicesTraining Project:

If you are interested in improving your security risk management capability, we can provide training in the form of workshops from four hours to a four-day workshop depending on the scope of your needs.

Risk Analysis Project:

Define Threat, Consequences and Vulnerabilities for your top five threat scenarios. We will prepare a leadership briefing and a database file to support your internal risk management process.

Risk Analysis-Risk Management Project:

This follows the risk analysis project with analysis of risk mitigation strategies in terms of risk mitigation impact and cost. We will prepare an organization-specific database of the risk analysis and risk management solutions as well as a briefing for your leadership team.

Security Risk Assessment Project:

A three-phase approach to manage risk.
A three-phase approach to manage risk.

If your organization has a high risk or consequence potential asset and you want a detailed security assessment of the facility (or vessel) security and the local law enforcement and federal LE/USCG response capability, and you require recommended risk management strategies, we will execute an inside-out assessment of security systems, training, plans, and response to selected threat scenarios. We will prepare a database of our risk and risk management analysis, a briefing for your leadership team and a report that summarizes the threat considered, the risk analysis results, and recommended risk management strategies. For a single critical infrastructure this will take between three and five days on site with a three man team. We will depart after providing an initial impressions briefing and will provide a complete report and final briefing within two weeks.

Security Program Support:

As you are improving or implementing new security measures/systems you may want a fresh look at your plan as it is implemented. We will provide a top-level review that leverages our risk-based approach. We will provide a briefing and report of observations and recommendations.

Security Risk Program Development:

If you want to transition from a security fence, cameras, guns and gadgets to a risk management approach for a large organization with multiple assets at different locations, we can help you design and deploy a risk management program for your outfit. We would expect to tailor proven methods, processes, and tools to meet your needs. To start this project and define the risk management services you require, we would recommend a workshop to define scope and to lay out a plan of action and milestones for your leaderships considerations.

Other Services:

We also provide Long Range Shooting Support and LanguageĀ Services.

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