Risk Management at the City and County Level

Every county and city in the United States expends resources on addressing a range of threats, from hurricanes to accidents to terrorist attacks.  The annual investment in security planning, training, exercises, and day-to day operations often  are legacy programs, processes, and activities that have evolved over time.  Government financial pressures demand more for less.  Legal and moral obligations to protect citizens and infrastructure weigh on leaders.

So, the basic question: “Is our program delivering effective return-on-investment (ROI) considering risk reduction and cost?”

A three-phase approach to manage risk.
A three-phase approach to manage risk.

In other words, can we measure the effectiveness of our threat and disaster management programs?  Can we adjust plans, procedures, and security measures to achieve improved return-on-investment?  This question applies to large and small jurisdictions.

This paper outlines concepts that hazard and security planners should consider in developing risk mitigation plans, training and exercises.

Click on this link to open the article.  SRI Newsletter #5 – Risk Management at the County Level – Oct 2014


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