If you are not sure whether your organization would benefit from our services, you may use this simple risk management self assessment tool to help with your decision:

  1. Can your organization identify the threats you are concerned with (terrorist attack, criminal activity, insider threats, cyber threat)?
    (Choices = Yes, Not Sure, No / Values = 1,  0.5,  0)
  2. Can you assemble the expertise, including local law enforcement, to assist with evaluation of consequences and vulnerabilities of these threats?
    (Choices = Yes, Not Sure, No / Values = 1, 0.5, 0)
  3. Can you involve your organizations leaders/managers responsible for risk management resource and policy decisions?
    (Choices = Yes, Not Sure, No / Values = 1, 0.5, 0)
  4. If your leadership decides to pursue one or more risk management strategies, do you have the staff and organization in place to implement these?
    (Choices = Yes, Not Sure, No / Values = 1, 0.5, 0).


Results: Your Risk Mitigation Potential Score: _____ (add the above responses up)
( 3-4 ) Go for it! Your outfit is well positioned to mitigate your most pressing risks. Depending on your needs you could schedule a risk assessment/risk management project.
( 2-3 ) You may be successful, however, you will need a leader who is able and willing to make changes and you may want to schedule a design project to improve your chances of implementing best risk management solution
( <2 ) You are not likely to be successful in managing security risks effectively. We would not recommend a security risk assessment or management project. If you want to improve your organization’s capacity for risk management you may benefit form a security risk management seminar for select managers, security personnel and operations staff.